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Ep 11: Part 1: Maintaining Your Mental Health and Well-Being During a Pandemic

Updated: May 28, 2020

Like you, we've been adjusting to the new normal that has come with COVID-19. Within days our lives changed from the hustle and bustle of rushing from meeting to meeting, work to an event to home - as Pam always says - we were doing the most. And then it all stopped suddenly. For many of us, stopped meant closing our business, being furloughed, kids are no longer going to school, or working from home. Our nation and the world are in uncharted territory, and at times, it feels surreal.

That's why we were delighted that we'd already scheduled, Camille Braxton, Licensed Professional Counselor, to join us. Camille is both dynamic and resourceful and has dedicated her work to helping professional women achieve work-life balance while removing the enemies of stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. What better time to have her join us than now. She is the founder of LC Braxton Counseling & Consulting, which started in 2013. Her mission is to help individuals experience complete happiness, mental wholeness, peace, and prosperity in every area of their lives.

Many of her clients are women who have achieved corporate success and happiness by the world's standards, but internally, they've suffered from depression or anxiety due to unhealthy pressure and a lack of balance. Through her nurturing approach and intuitive insight, she helps her clients identify the underlying issues affecting them and create personal success plans that lead to peace and prosperity.

In this episode, we discuss breaking the myths surrounding therapy, and Camille gives tips and tools on how to maintain your mental health during these difficult times. So, click play and listen to this while you work, cook, or take a much-needed walk or break in your day.

Pam and I wish you the very best during this tough time and hope this episode will help you as you navigate a new normal. Have topics that you'd love us to cover during this pandemic that will help you navigate it all? Let us know. Email us at

Stay safe, and see you in two weeks!

Camille's toolkit for mental health and well-being:

Reach out!

Camille Braxton

Email: | Instagram: @mbisfree | Twitter @lcbcounseling | Facebook: @LCBraxtonCounseling |


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