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Ep. 7: Living Life Without Limits

Updated: May 10, 2020

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Today we have the drama-free, drama coach, and personal greatness guru, Nevaina Rhodes here to talk to us about how to build a life without limits. A woman on a mission, Nevaina is a highly effective healer with a unique ability to help women reclaim their power. She has helped both individuals and couples create the life they want and release their inner gladiator for greatness.

Nevaina is a master communicator able to compel and enhance the understanding of individuals and groups to think more positively, act more effectively, and live more intentionally. Her eloquence and insight have allowed her to speak nationally and internationally.

In this episode, Nevaina gives the goods on how to let go of fear, get unstuck, and blossom in your purpose. Ready to live a limitless life? You don't want to miss this empowering episode!

The Nevaina tool kit from the show:

An Overnight Experience Serenity and Self Discovery | Feb 21 - 22

For $50 off the retreat email Nevaina at the address below

The Color of Inspiration Coloring Book

Reach out!

Nevaina Rhodes

Email: | Instagram: @iamnevaina | Twitter: @iamnevaina

The Art of Balancing It All

Email: | Instagram: @theartofbalancingitall | Facebook: balancingitall

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