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Ep. 36: Supporting Black Men's Mental Health

So many of our black men suffer in silence and lose their mental health battles. In 2019, according to the Dept. of Health and Human Services, suicide was the second leading cause of death for black people, with successful suicide attempts by black men being 4X greater than black women.

In this episode, we brought in an all-male panel to examine some of the sources of mental health challenges among black men and learn how to support our men through their mental health journey to wellness.

Our panelists include:

Preston Allison is the CEO of PAJ Associate, which focuses on social-emotional learning. Before starting PAJ Associate, Preston was a Mental Health Counselor/Consultant in three major Hospitals within the Chicagoland area. He has worked with different programs concerning behavioral health and social-emotional learning techniques.

His work has expanded over 25 years, and he is recognized as a leader in the mental health field, working with children and adults on social-emotional health. His teachings have empowered those who are developmentally delayed due to trauma. Mr. Preston Allison Jr. is known for his unique ability to break down everyday words, which can create a better system for navigating life’s day-to-day moments. His passion for the well-being of others inspired his latest book, Prophetic Counseling Setting the Captives Free and The Parent Job.

Peter Gordon, aka The Fit Psychotherapist, hails from beautiful and sunny Jamaica. Peter is a full-time graduate student working towards an eventual doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Peter is also a certified Life and Holistic Health Coach who focuses on helping clients tap into their full potential to live their most profound lives.

Ken Branson as a published photographer and independent filmmaker, Ken Branson has made several hundred thousand dollars after starting a business from the basement of his church. Through therapy and a continued journey of self-awareness, Ken learned that the negative drama he desired in life could be re-directed into a legal and ethical form of drama…storytelling. As a result, Ken strongly advocates for therapy and believes we all have basement-level strengths that can be taken to the balcony when identified and adequately nurtured.

Grab your pen and get ready for the nuggets by these men as we take a deep dive into men's mental health.

View video or listen to the audio below:

Reach out to our guests!

Preston Allison

Instagram: @pajtalksabout | Email:

Peter Gordon

Instagram: @thefitpsychotherapist | Email:

Ken Branson

Instagram/TikTok: @basementtobalcony | Email:

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