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Ep. 34: Coping with Grief During The Holidays

In this episode, we asked two remarkable women to join us and talk about what so many may be coping with during the holidays -- Grief. The impact of grief during the holidays can be crippling, whether experiencing the holidays for the first time without a loved one or grieving the loss of a relationship.

We thought it essential to bring on guests who could give you practical tools that you can apply today to navigate grief during the holidays. Our guests not only share valuable tools but, we take a deep dive into the effects of grief on your body, mind, and spirit that help give you a better understanding of what may be taking place in your life now.

Xanthia Johnson is the Owner, CEO, and lead licensed psychotherapist/coach of Urban Playology, LLC. She provides brain-body-based interventions and integrative wellness services to communities of color and queer folx impacted by trauma. Xanthia has a special interest in self-care healing resources to support healing. She is a licensed clinical psychotherapist, certified yoga teacher, sound bath meditation teacher, and expressive arts therapy enthusiast. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, CBS Morning, Forbes, and various other podcasts. Ms. Johnson is co-founder of the Compassionate Anti-racism Project. There she helps white people leverage their privilege to be a voice for the voiceless.

Helena Bates brand Heartthrob Access is dedicated to love after loss. Heartthrob Access has been recognized by Tabatha Brown and other social media influencers like I AM Zoie. Heartthrob Access's mission is to share love after loss by honoring loved ones, acknowledging grief, and supporting others.

As the child of a single parent, Helena’s mother was all she had. She was her provider, protector, and best friend. When she unexpectedly died at the young age of 33 from complications with asthma, Helena was 14 and had no experience losing a loved one. When her family arrived at school to tell her that her mother had passed away, she heard the words but did not know what it meant. It didn't register until months later that she would never see her again. Due to factors surrounding her mother's death, she did not have the support that she desperately needed.

In 2016, after an unexpected breakup, she began to do some self-reflection. She realized after every disappointment, failure, or bad experience the pain from losing her mother would resurface. She knew she needed to open up and allow healing to take place. She also knew that her mother would not want to be the source of her pain. She wanted to find a way to express her love for her mother and decided to start Heartthrob Access. This brand is a way to pay homage to her mother while supporting others who lost loved ones.

Grab your pens and get ready to take notes. More importantly, click the share button to gift someone with this episode who may need it during the holidays.

We are wishing you love and light during this season.

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Helena Bates

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