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Ep. 33: Teaching Children Self-Acceptance: You're Gonna Love Me!

In this episode, we discuss self-acceptance and how important it is for kids to know and love themselves. To do that, we brought one of our dopest friends, Tiffani Staten, to The Art of Balancing It All to share her journey to acceptance and discuss her new children's book.

Tiffani Staten is the author of "You're Going to Like Me, Grumble! Grumble!" her debut children's book. Her book highlights the necessity of self-acceptance in our smallest members of society. She is excited for readers to meet and identify with the characters in a positive way.

Tiffani is also an AMA Professional Certified Marketer and holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from Hampton University (Hampton, VA) and a PCM in Digital Marketing. She is a former stage manager who has lent her expertise to shows such as "The Color Purple" (Justice Theatre Project), August Wilson's King Hedley (Ensemble Theatre, Houston), and on the Gospel Channel's Special: Robert Townsend's Musical Theatre of Hope.

She currently works in project management at an entertainment tech company. Tiffani currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her loving husband of 21 years, Terence.

Grab your copy of Tiffani's book for the children in your life at Target, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble! A perfect gift for the holidays.

View video or listen to the audio below:

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