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Ep 3: Avoiding Struggle Love: Dating to Attract Good Men

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

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Today we have love coach and matchmaker, Dr. Casandra “Coach Cass” Henriquez, here to talk about Avoiding Struggle Love: Dating to Attract Good Men. Coach Cass is dropping dating pearls of wisdom the entire show.

She gives us guidance on how to avoid struggle love, how to get out of it, and what strategies you can use to find the right man for you. If finding your forever love is in your 2020 vision this episode is for you!

Here’s what we talk about.

  • Why struggle love is bad for you

  • How to avoid or get out of struggle love

  • Why your mindset may be what’s keeping you from finding the one

  • How to be intentional with your dating

  • How to build a supportive love community

Listen. Coach Cass is fire and she gives it to you straight. For all of you who want the blueprint on how to reach your love goals, you’ll want to take notes and join Coach Cass on her Real Love Network.

The Coach Cass Toolkit from the show:

Are you a member of the TAOBIA tribe?

Coach Cass has a special offer for tribe members to join her amazing community for successful driven women who want to attract real love. We will be sending this offer to all tribe members who join by February 5th so be sure to sign up below!

Reach out!

Coach Cass

Email: | Instagram: @inspiremany | Facebook: Ask Coach Cass

Website: or

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