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Ep 27: Is Russell Wilson an Anomaly? And, Let's Talk Kirk Franklin

In this episode, we went live with a panel that was guaranteed to bring the fire! And, they did not disappoint. Our panel included:

  • Elizabeth Overstreet, Relationship Expert & Love Strategist

  • Bruce Bradshaw, Podcast Host of Brunch with Bradshaw

  • Frank Henderson, Pastor of EPIC Church & Entrepreneur

  • Jana Avery, Host of Conversate for a Few, Creative, & Author

We take on questions like:

  • Is Russell Wilson an Anomaly?

  • Why do men have a problem with him?

  • Is there a double-standard in dating?

  • Why is vulnerability in relationships so difficult? And, why is it so important in relationships?

  • What's up with canceling Kirk Franklin?

And so much more.

This panel shoots it straight with no chaser and brings the laughs while our audience chimes in with their thoughts. Trust me; this is not an episode you want to miss.

Forget your pen for this one. Grab a glass and enjoy.

Panel Toolkit:

View video or listen to the audio below:

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