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Ep 26: Int'l Women's History Month: Choose to Challenge

Divya Parekh

It's International Women's Month, so we brought in the dynamic Divya Parekh, who is passionate about challenging other women to excellence, to discuss:

  • How women can continue to make an impact in our lives and the world

  • How to incorporate a mindful mindset into your leadership

Divya brings over 20+ years of rich and varied experiences as a Business Coach, Influence Mastery Advisor, Speaker, and Author. Her professional career includes a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional, and global business relationship and leadership coach. Her passion for coaching and the sincere desire to positively impact people led her to develop effective evidence-based leadership and partnership programs. Her worldwide recognition includes media coverage with, CBS News, IGN, Daily Mirror, Daily News NY, The Independent, TooFab, USA Today, and more. She is 9X number one international bestselling author, authoring books on leadership, entrepreneurship, stress management, mindfulness mastery, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. To top it off, Divya is also a contributing author to Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine.

Divya drops some serious gems that will make you think and spark dialogue with colleagues, friends, and family. So grab your pen and dig in.

Reach Out!

Divya Parekh | Email: | LinkedIn: | Twitter: @coachdivya

Facebook: @beyondconfidenceforsuccess

View video or listen to the audio below:

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