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Ep 18: What's Next: Forging Long-Term Change & Dismantling Systemic Racism

In this episode, we tackle systemic racism and discuss what needs to be done to forge long-term, sustainable change. To help us dismantle this topic and give us all actionable steps, we asked two dynamic change-makers - Tru Pettigrew, Founder & President of Tru Access and Jeremy Collins, Director, Office of Engagement to the 75th Governor of the State of North Carolina, Governor Roy A. Cooper - to join us.

Tru's organization, Tru Access, bridges the cultural and generational gaps between multicultural millennials and corporate brands and agencies. He is a celebrated author, an engaging speaker, a committed community leader, and an award-winning marketing executive with 20 plus years of experience at the nation's top advertising & marketing agencies.

Jeremy is a civil rights advocate and lawyer for justice and peace. Before his post at the Office of the Governor, Jeremy served as director-counsel of the Racial Equity Project, and advocacy/policy counsel to the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. Jeremy is an organizer, consultant, strategist, and volunteer for many justice causes.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why it's essential to commit to anti-racism

  • Ways we can all begin to break the chains of systemic racism today

  • Navigating intergenerational collaboration within the Black Lives Movement

Grab your pens and paper, take notes, and, most importantly, ACT.

We are sending you the very best. Stay safe, and see you in two weeks!

View video or listen to the audio below:


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Tru Pettigrew

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @truaccess


Jeremy Collins

Instagram & Twitter: @jeremyjcollins

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