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Ep. 10: COVID-19: How to Navigate Financial Investments So You Can Win

Updated: May 28, 2020

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In today's episode, we discuss how to navigate the current economic downturn being impacted by COVID-19 with Dr. Malcolm Adams. Economist, entrepreneur, and educator Malcolm knows the importance of accruing and sustaining wealth within the community. He is the author of Purposeful Economics Vol. 1 and owner of multiple businesses whose services range from IT services to real estate investing and mortgage banking to holdings and investments.

Malcolm has launched a nationwide effort to eradicate homelessness, resolve vacancies issues, help veterans transition and create jobs while scaling small businesses. In this effort, he has taught members of underserved communities in multiple cities to accrue, then manage wealth, build businesses, and attain assets via inexpensive means such as real estate and stocks.

In this episode, Malcolm advises on how to:

  • How to approach investing during an economic downturn

  • And, recommendations on how to approach business ownership in the next 30 - 90 days

As our guest always do, Malcolm gives it to us straight with no chaser. So, if you are wondering how to approach your investing, listen carefully to this episode.

Reach out!

Dr. Malcolm Adams

Email: | Instagram @realmalcolmadams | Twitter: mrmalcolmadams | Facebook: purposefuleconomist |


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