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Ep 1 & 2: Building Legacy with Purposeful Dating & Marriage: The Age of Power Couples

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

In this episode, we're excited to introduce to you two dynamic power couples, Ric & Nicole Swiner and Pastor Nate & First Lady Tequila Davis. Beyond having fabulous love stories, these couples are great examples of how to balance being each other's loves and partners in both business and purpose.

Ric and Nicole Swiner have been married for ten years and are both entrepreneurs working to build a legacy for their two girls. Ric is an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, including Spyder Marketing and a DJ service, while Nicole is a physician, professor, speaker, and author.

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Nate and Tequila Davis are childhood sweethearts, parents of four, and have been married for over 20 years. Together they lead the rapidly growing NowChurch in Chapel Hill where they impact the everyday lives of all it reaches through building faith, promoting family, and supporting community.

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We talked to these power couples about being intentional in your dating, how to know you've found the one that you can build a legacy with, and what lessons they've learned along the way while navigating it all from love, marriage, family, business and ministry. We also get the goods on how they've kept the fire burning for so many years.

So grab your pins and get ready to jot down the gems they're dropping!

How to connect with Ric & Nicole Swiner:

Meet them at their 6th Annual New Year, New You event in Durham, NC, on January 18. The event helps women like you get focused on your 2020 vision and keep self-care top of mind.

Grab your tickets at

Or, reach them at:

Ric Swiner

Follow him @ricswiner on Instagram

Nicole Swiner

Follow her @docswiner on Instagram and Facebook

How to connect with Pastor Nate & First Lady Tequila:

Follow them on social media @NowChurchNC

Meet them at Now Church, 225 Culbreth Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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