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Bonus Spotlight Ep. 8: Events By Ashe + Spaceway Brewing Co.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

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Today we have two powerhouse entrepreneurs on the show Esha Davis, Co-Founder of Events By Ashe, and Briana Brake, Owner of Spaceway Brewery. We talked to these two dynamic women about their unique businesses, what has driven their success, and their visions for the future.

These trailblazers drop gems on what has made them successful, including surrounding themselves with the right circle and having the faith to follow their passion instead of a cushy career.

From being a pioneer in the beer brewery industry (Briana left) to an innovator in Caribbean Carnival travel (Esha right), these two will inspire you to push forward and conquer.

Reach out!

Briana Brake

Email: | Instagram: @spaceway_brewing | Facebook: @spacewaybrewing

Purchase Spaceway Brewing Co. beers at


Esha Davis

Email: | Instagram: @eventsbyashe | Twitter: @eshaherbert | Facebook: @TrinidadCarnivalPackages

Book your carnival trip at

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