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Bonus Spotlight Ep. 5: New Year, New You

Updated: May 10, 2020

In this bonus spotlight episode, we are live at the 6th Annual New Year, New You conference with Nicole Swiner and friends. This years' conference agenda had a wellness retreat feel and featured keynote speaker Jessamyn Stanley who blessed attendees with both her words and teachings as she led them through an onsite yoga class.

Our cohost, Titilayo Ellis, had a chance to catch up with Nicole and a few other dynamic women in attendance at the conference, including:

These ladies share the secrets to their success, how they plan to tackle their 2020 vision, and how they incorporate self-care into their busy lives. Nicole Swiner also gives details on her latest labor of love, her new NOSUPERWOMAN 2020 Planner that is already getting rave reviews from the lady.

Listen in and get the inside scoop on what fuels these ladies' success.

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