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We see you out there trying to make things happen. Building legacy, navigating love, trying to be the best parent, friend, and daughter. At times it can feel impossible to balance it all-- love, family, self-care, career, and entrepreneurship. You are not alone! 


Women are on the move and gaining success at rapid speeds in their education, careers, ​and entrepreneurship. Still, for so many of us, we don't have a blueprint on how to get it all done.


As two women on the move looking to be successful in love, entrepreneurship, and motherhood, we face our own struggles of trying to balance it all. We know the struggle is REAL!


That's why we started The Art of Balancing It All for beautiful and ambitious women like you. We will have authentic conversations with really dope people who have been successful and not so successful. We'll find out what they've learned, and they will drop gems on how we all can do better. Most of all, we'll grow together in navigating, balancing it all.

Pam Thompson Smith

I'm a proud UNC graduate
(go Heels!), serial entrepreneur, radio/TV host, fundraising and grassroots marketing expert, event planner and host always doing the most, mother of an amazing daughter, and sincere friend to some amazing women. It's my passion that makes a difference in all I do. My must is to build a legacy that will make my daughter proud. My goal for The Art of Balancing It All is to create a platform that empowers women with the tools I wish I had years ago in every area of our lives - God, family, love, and business. Let's GROW and WIN together!

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Titilayo (Titi) Ellis

I'm a first-gen MBA, marketing professional by day, an entrepreneur by night empowering others  to release the marketer within, meditation/therapy advocate, mother of two, and Chica friend to some pretty dope women. My must is to empower women to thrive in all aspects of their lives. I believe we can be successful at loving our husbands (I'm speaking mine into existence, honey!), in our careers, motherhood, and friendships. All we need are the right tools and gems of wisdom to succeed. I pray
The Art of Balancing It All will be one of those for you!

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